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From:  Ann and Carroll McCarthy
To:  Anyone looking for a really terrific place to board your horses.
We have been boarding our horses on the Pahgre Ranch with Barb and Beau Fauscette for 6 years.  The care they have provided for our beloved animals has been outstanding.  One of our horses is over thirty years old.  If she drops any weight, Barb is the first to notice.  Then, Star's daily feed is adjusted. She has also suffered from skin cancer, and the Fauscette's are religious in applying the prescribed medicine daily.  Barb's Family ranch was sold over a year ago and we simply moved with them because they are the BEST boarding facility in Montrose.  They work constantly to make the living experiences of all the horses the best they can possibly be.  The indoor riding arena is a wonderful place to exercise your horse when the weather is cold and ugly in the Winter.  On hot Summer days you can spray down the sand in the arena, open the four doors, and exercise your horses in a lovely breezy shady place. Please give me a call if you would like to talk more about the Pahgre Ranch.  My # is 970-728-3746"
Ann McCarthy - Telluride, CO - June 2017


“When our family was moving from California to Colorado, we needed a place to board our quarter horse until our home was ready. Thankfully, we found Pahgre Ranch, and Barbara provided excellent care for the two months we needed boarding. We were impressed by the roomy, clean and safe paddock for our horse, and we trusted Barbara completely with his care; we also appreciated how she groomed and longed him weekly. I highly recommend Barbara Fauscette and Paghre Ranch for horse care and boarding.” - Sarah Lavender Smith of Telluride - June 2017

"I've been boarding at Pahgre Ranch for a year now, and I couldn't be happier with Barb and her posse - they are outstanding horse care providers!  I sincerely appreciate Barb's helpful horse health knowledge and extensive equine experience, as well as her reliable relationships with local vets and farriers (also awesome).  Pahgre Ranch is a fabulous facility - always safe, always clean, and always caring!"
Susan Solomon - Montrose, CO June 2017

"Barb, I wanted to thank you and Beau so much for taking care of Belle over this past winter. You have given Belle such fantastic care and love, I really do appreciate it tremendously. You have gone above and beyond what our contract was, you have not only purchased feed for Belle, but you have blanketed her and brushed her, because you cared, and you did not charge me for that extra love. I do appreciate this enormously.
I have grown fond of your ranch, I really enjoy how you manage your place, the horse owners, and above all the horses! Thank you so much for that you two are really amazing people.
Thanks for all!"
Gesa M. - Crested Butte, CO May 2017

"I have used Pahgre Ranch for short term boarding of my two mares on multiple occasions.  The paddocks are well maintained and have loafing sheds. The horses have always received quality care. It has been great to be able to go on vacation while not having to worry about the horses."

Mike W. - Montrose, CO December 2016

"Pahgre Ranch promises, "to treat your horses as if they were their own"
and this is most definitely a promise that was kept! At previous boarding
facilities I have worried that no one would notice if my horse was "off" or
showing signs of colic... but that was never a concern at Pahgre Ranch!
I love that Barb really got to know my horse, knew where she liked to be
scratched, and was very mindful of keeping her at a healthy weight.
Her pen was always spotless, and her water tank clean. If you're looking
for peace of mind in where you board your horse, THIS IS THE PLACE!!"
Jennifer Vidmar - Montrose, CO  October 2016

"I am so glad I found Pahgre Ranch for my mare and gelding, Dream and Otto. 
Otto, a hard keeping ex-racehorse and Dream, and extremely easy keeping
Haflinger cross, were allowed to stay together as paddock mates even though
their dietary requirements were completely opposite. 
Over almost two years, with careful monitoring and a feeding pen built just for him,
Otto kept his weight up, while Dream did not gain too much weight... even though
Otto kept sneaking her his food! 
Otto passed away just recently, and Dream and I are on our way out of state, but we
will never forget the wonderful care of Pahgre Ranch. 
We are both deeply grateful."
Elizabeth Anglin and Dream - Montrose, CO  Sept. 2015


"My horses are now full-time residents of the ranch.  Having been vacation
residents, I felt secure about the full-time care they would receive.
It has been a pleasure coming out to check on them and spend time
riding and training.  I especially enjoy the camradery of the other boarders.
We share what we learn.  It is so encouraging to me. Thanks Beau and
Barb for creating such a supportive and friendly atmosphere."
Emmy Lou Taylor - Montrose, CO  Sept. 2015


"I am starting to lose count of the years our three horses have been at Pahgre Ranch. 
It just seems to get better and better.  Our horses are treated like they are their own. 
Barb and Beau work closely with San Juan Vet to make sure all our
vaccinations/worming etc. are up to date. Our special needs horse is particularly
well taken care of and loved, with extra daily feedings with medication in it. 
The Pahgre Ranch is my peaceful place to go and rejuvenate.  Best place on
the Western slope to keep our beloved horses."
Ann McCarthy - Telluride, CO  Sept. 2015


"The motto of Pahgre Ranch is "Caring for your horses like they're our own..."  I couldn't be more pleased with my  4 or 5 years of keeping my horses at Pahgre Ranch. 
Barb and Beau and their family and staff are on top of everything.  They really
do care for and about the horses in their charge.  When I am away for a time,
I do not have to worry one bit about the well being of my furry friends. 
Thanks Barb and Beau, for all you do!"
Jim Whiting - Mesa, CO  Sept. 2015

 "When my horse boards at Pahgre Ranch he might as well be boarding at home -
he is that well taken care of and loved!"
Carol Smith - Crested Butte, CO Sept. 2015


"Dear Barb,
Thank you for making my winters so stress-free!  My horses have been at other boarding facilities in the area over the last 5 years and there is simply no comparison. 
You guys care for my horses with love and a keen eye... and it's always such a
pleasure to stop in and see them, thanks to your welcoming way and the great
job you do! THANK YOU!"
Jennifer Barker - Telluride, CO Sept. 2015
"We have boarded our three horses at the Pahgre Ranch for almost three years. 
All our horses are so happy.  Barb and Beau treat each animal like it was their own. 
If they perceive a problem, they are easy to work with to improve the animal’s
comfort and health.  They have really helped me with Sierra who is prone to
arthritis and laminitis.  The ranch has a great environment for the horses, and
a wonderful place to spend quality time with them.  The shade tree where we
groom our horses is the most peaceful place in my life.   We intend to stay for
a long time.  There is no better place for your horse."  
Ann & Carroll McCarthy
McCarthy Construction Corp.  -  Telluride, CO  July 2014

"As usual my horse Vincent, who is unfortunately getting older with the rest of us,
had an amazing winter at Pahgre Ranch.  Not only was he well taken care of in
general ,but once again Barb caught a problem early, contacted me, helped me
treat it and it was done!   Not only that, but my horse was treated to a farrier and
his vet check all without me having to be there, so he was ready for his move to
Crested Butte!"  Thanks Barb.
Carol Smith and Vincent  -  Crested Butte, CO  July 2014
"In planning a move to to Colorado from the east I needed to find a good place to
keep my 2 boys where they would not be bothered too much, fed and cared for
well and allowed to just be horses until the time comes when I can get them onto
my own place.  I'm not sure how I was led to Pahgre ranch but since they arrived
there back in April I have not had to worry one bit.  Barb, Beau and Marcus were
welcoming when we arrived and showed their own style of hospitality both towards
myself and my boys.  What I appreciate the most is the casual but detailed way they
seem to relate to the animals in their care."
John Lazarus  -
Northeast Adventure, LLC.  July 2014
"Thanks Barb, Beau, and Marcus! This is our third year boarding our 3 horses with you. Our horses are happy, well fed, plenty of freshwater, and have beautiful pastures to roam in. We are thankful for the care and watchful eye you have over them! "
Bert and Christine  -  Telluride, Colorado  June 2014

"There are really nice shade trees around the ranch which are great for the horses
and people.  That is real unusual for a horse facility on the western slope."
Werner Lerner  -  Montrose, CO  July 2014

"Dear Barb, Beau, Marcus,We appreciate the great care, plenty of good feed,
and no problems or injuries for winter boarding the last four years. Whenever
Cowboy and Junior needed something like helping the vet with their teeth floating
or when we needed help catching them you gave 110% (and probably lots more
extra effort we were not there to see)!
See you in December"
Jim and Merrilee Auster  -  Carbondale, CO  June 2014


"Pahgre Ranch was one of the best horse boarding experiences I have ever had for
both me and my horse.  Vincent was closely watched and attended to.  He had had
pinworms the summer before I boarded at Pahgre and they returned.  Barb caught it immediately, did her research, contacted me AND administered five consecutive days
of wormer!   My horse came back to me fit and healthy - we will return this winter!" 
Carol Smith - Crested Butte, CO - June 2013

We are very happy to recommend the Pahgre Ranch as a home for your horses,
our horse has been happy at this horse facility for about 7 years , Barbara and her
family have carefully and lovingly made sure my horse of 27 years had the care
he needed these last 6 months to bring him back to looking like a healthy horse,
he has Cushings ,and always will need special care, I have the peace of mind
everyday that my horse has the best care he could have. I am always informed
of any change or any advice to keep my horse healthy and happy in his
environment. His care and board have always been over par since he
has been  at the Pahgre Ranch.      For me to have Barbara take care
of my old friend of many years takes the every day worry out of my life,
he is safe and always will be cared for.        Sincerely, Valerie Lewis .  June 2013

Dear Barb, Beau & Marcus,
I believe this was my fourth year at Pahgre Ranch.   Blue was very happy there and
thanks his Aunt Barb for taking good care of him.See you in October.
Kim Rose - Crested Butte, CO - June 2013

Pahgre Ranch is one of the best! We've boarded our horses in Texas and Colorado. Pahgre has the best value, care, and pastures.  Our horses always look forward to it! Thank you and congrats on celebrating 10 years!!!
Christine and Bert, Colorado - June 2013

Barb has been great! Our older horse “Tommy Boy” wintered extremely well at her
ranch.  I couldn’t have been more pleased.  Barb would even arrange for foot
care if need be.  Thanks and keep up the good work! 

D. Tye Richardson - Glenwood Springs, CO - June 2013

Dale and I were so pleased with the care that you gave our horses this past winter, especially our old horse Nick.  When you noticed that he was not getting enough hay because of the pecking order, you went out of your way to put him in a paddock
with one other horse.  Our other two horses came back looking fit and healthy too.   Having you right there keeping an eye on each and every animal gives us peace of mind during the winter months.  We hope that we can be boarders next winter.  Thank you for keeping such good care of our family. 
Brenda and Dale Archer - Crested Butte, CO - June 2013

Pahgre Ranch has taken excellent and loving care of our geldings for the past
two winters. They get plenty of quality feed and come home in the spring with
good weight. The herd seems to get along well and there haven't been any
problems with injuries, kicking, or aggressive horses.

Jim Auster - Carbondale, CO - June 2013

Barb, Beau & Marcus, are the best.  The care you bestow on all the horses/animals
is top notch.  You treat them like their your own.  Just yesterday, Carroll and I were talking about how good Star Sierra & Dakoda look.  Their coats are shiny, they are
all the perfect weight and they are happy.  As horse owners, we could not ask for
better attention - they already get the finest.
Ann McCarthy - Telluride, CO - June 2013

Kate lehner has had her two mares at the ranch for 18 months and enjoys the serenity, shade and lack of drama from unruly Stallions and vehicles etc.  It is a wonderful place
to spend quiet time with your horse.
Wg Lehner - Montrose, CO - June 2013


We would like to recommend Pahgre Ranch to anyone needing temporary
boarding to long term boarding.  We contacted Barb via email numerous times
before moving our horses to the ranch from Cody, WY.  Barb always responded
to our questions quickly and could not have been more caring and friendly.
 When we arrived at the ranch after a 12 hour drive with 2 horses, Barb, Beau
and their 2 sons came out and helped us unload the horses into their already
set up large paddock.  The horses have been with them for a few weeks now
and have been cared for the same as if they were at our place.  Thank you so
much for your compassionate care of 2 of our family members!
Gary and Jody - June 2013

My horses come home in fine condition and I feel confident of their care while
I am gone.  Their paddock is clean and clear of hazards.  The water tanks are
fresh and cared for.  I plan to stay with Pahgre Ranch in the future because I
always receive great attention to all of my concerns.
Emmy Lou Taylor - Montrose, CO - June 2013


Pahgre Ranch has been home for my horse for about three years now, and we
couldn't be happier.  Honeycomb is among his best friends, gentle friends, on
a good pasture in view of his mountains.  I am happy because Barb, Beau, and
Marcus see to his care and promptly inform me  of any potential problems he
may have.  I feel really lucky to have found Pahgre Ranch.  Thanks Barb, Beau,
and Marcus!

Jim Whiting - Mesa, CO - June 2013

Hi, Our horses are happy and safe. We are happy. We think that Barb, Beau & Marcus are the best. We really appreciate being able to enjoy the wonderful Pahgre Ranch, and have had fun exploring the area. Thank You so much for all you do - every single day. A totally satisfied boarder of three horses.
Ann & Carroll McCarthy - Telluride, CO -
June 2012

Hi Pahgre Ranch I never thought boarding would be so beneficial, having a little break from your horse,does allow one to start fresh & get rid of bad habits. I like knowing my horse has plenty of pasture and is cared for. Thank you Pahgre ranch
Kim Poulin            Ridgway, CO              June 2012


It's June of 2012 and our horses have experienced yet another safe Winter-Spring of excellent care for our horses boarded at Pahgre Ranch. The horses: Doc (Palomino/AQHA/gelding), and Jessica (Dun/AQHA/mare), are always well cared for and come back to us ready for a summer in the Rockies.

As long time owners of our own ranch in California and a breeding operation which
once boasted 60 horses and several stallions, we boarded many mares and foals. So
Bridget and I are intimately familiar with the multitude of requirements and risks involved in boarding.

We are very satisfied customers and as long as we're riding horses in Colorado they'll be boarded with Barb and Beau at Pahgre Ranch when we're not actively using them at Arrowhead during the summer.

Barb, your service is great and remains reasonably priced for both boarding services as
well as trailer storage. Our horses are always ready for use, very happy and well fed.

We include the pictures below of Doc and Jessica Tucker just to highlight the fine condition they're in when we pick them up. These pictures were taken after arriving at Arrowhead the same day we picked them up at your Pahgre Ranch.

Doc & Jessica are both well bred performance horses (reining/cutting/working cow horse bloodlines), and we take extra care to ensure they are only kept at an exceptional facility.

Again thank you, Barb and Beau. Bridget and I very much appreciate your attention to detail and your situational awareness when it comes to ensuring the safety of the horses being boarded. If you need anything further, please call or email us at any time!

Most appreciatively,
Steve & Bridget
Stephen & Bridget Isle
http://www.islesquarterhorses.com     Cimarron, CO                June 9, 2012


Hello Barb, another good winter for the horses! Thank you especially for monitoring the 3 fatsos and getting their weights down, they are trim and ready for the trail! Have a great summer, Missy and Doc Brown      Crested Butte, CO    
June 2012

Dear Barb,
"My daughter and I have enjoyed coming and riding at your place. It is so beautiful and relaxing. Every time I set foot on your property I feel the stress just slip away.
I especially see it in my two horses. Both Hanzel and Pacman look amazing
and you have taken impeccable care of them and I sincerely thank you."
Warmest Regards,
Cara O'Brien               Aug. 2011

"I'm very happy to keep my horses, Ranger and Honeycomb, at Pahgre Ranch. Ranger can't have green grass, but he's as happy as he can be in a large paddock with a tree for shade and other horses nearby for company. Honeycomb is doing well in your large pasture with other horses. Pahgre Ranch is the next best thing to keeping my horses at home. Thanks. I feel good knowing that my horses are doing well."

Jim Whiting                            Summer 2011

"As owners of our own ranch in California and a breeding operation which once
boasted 60 horses and several stallions, Bridget and I are familiar with the
requirements and risks involved in boarding. We are very satisfied customers
and intend on becoming long time customers as well. Your service is great and
reasonably priced for both boarding services as well as trailer storage. Our horses
were ready to pick up in mid-June very happy and obviously well fed. Below are
picture of both Doc (Palomino gelding), and Jessica Tucker (Dun mare), after
arriving at Arrowhead the day we picked them up at your Pahgre Ranch. The pictures attest both horses were well taken care of and demonstrate that point. (Doc & Jessica
are both well bred performance horses (reining/cutting/working cow horse bloodlines).
We both very much appreciate your attention to detail, Barb, and your situational
awareness when it comes to ensuring the safety of the horses being boarded."

Most appreciatively,
Steve & Bridget  - 2011
See Doc & Jessicas pictures here!_____________________________________________________________________

This letter is written whole heartedly for Barb Koeman.

"My 24 year old Tennessee Walker has had a happy, safe home at the Pahgre
Ranch for 6 years.,
I have complete trust in Barb to treat my boy like he is her's.Barb has always been
friendly, easy to work with, always available, and above all (and this is the most
important aspect of having to board my horse away from me) she makes sure all
her horses in her care, are cared for with kindness, 24/7 --- 365 days a yr."

Sincerely Valerie and Jim Lewis - Summer 2011


"Pahgre Ranch has been a great experience for me and my horses. It is a well-kept, lovely place where my horses are safe and watched over. I've enjoyed boarding there and always return to a considerate, responsible staff of horsie caregivers."

Emmy Lou Taylor - Summer 2011

"We have boarded our horses at Pahgre Ranch for two winters and are very
pleased. We have total confidence in the attention to detail, knowledge, and
care they have received. They have wintered well and look perfect in the spring.
We recommend their services without hesitation."

Missy and Doc Brown - Summer 2011

Dear Barb,
"We bought Ozark in 1993 and took him from the rodeo roping circuit to a life of
trail rides, packing for big game hunts, pleasure rides , and Baby sitting.
He served us well over the years and became a member of our family and loved by all.
When we brought Ozark to the Pahgre Ranch he had a bad leg and had become
unrideable. With the great care he has had over the last few years he is no longer
limping and appears he could be ridden, But we wont interfere with his well deserved retirement and keep him where we know he is getting the best care possible.
Thank you for your honesty, caring, and compassion you have for your work."
Mike McBride and family  Summer 2011